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Whatever your asbestos roof challenge, imagine our skills, experience and methods putting things right cost effectively. Whether you entrust us with your repair or go elsewhere, our initial independent advice helps you decide what to do and it’s just a phone call or email away. Every day, we help building owners, tenants, facilities managers and surveyors make good decisions about repairing asbestos roofs – and we often go on to do the repairs that give them peace of mind into the future. We specialise in industrial roofing and our contractors do not work on residential asbestos jobs, however, if you require work to be done on a domestic roof or garage we can sell you materials on our sister web site Asbestos Roof Repair Materials.

We understand your concerns about solving asbestos roofing problems safely, quickly and cost-effectively, that is why we offer different asbestos roofing repair solutions, depending on your budget and your circumstances.

Because we’re independent specialists, skilled with different asbestos roof repair technologies, you can count on unbiased advice and the right solution for your circumstances. The options include these:

  • Patch repair
  • Tapes
  • Metal over cladding
  • Fast-applied high-performance coatings
  • Complete removal and re-roofing
  • Other specialist asbestos roof coating

For free initial advice, please call 0800 6120 750

 You’ll only discover what’s best for your needs, future plans and budget when we talk. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can design a bespoke solution to repair your asbestos roof and weatherproof your building.

If you have your own maintenance personnel, are a roofing contractor or a homeowner wanting to do the work yourself, you can now purchase many of the products required to make an asbestos roof repair from our e-commerce site

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