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Get your commercial roof repaired quicker with our proven Advantage for Asbestos Roofs System. Save time and money on your building's roof repair, making it watertight quicker and for longer.

Advantage for Asbestos Roofs is an innovative one coat system. It takes less time to apply which means shorter scaffold hire and labour time.

And no more waiting around for a sunny day to do the job, Advantage for Asbestos Roofs is damp tolerant and can be applied in adverse weather!

It gives you a 20 year warranty and is fully insurable.

Advantage for Asbestos Roofs has been built on the already proven hybrid roof coating system which is currently being specified and in widespread use.  Now we have the ease of re-coat of an old style silicone coating but with the application moisture tolerance the hybrid coating has brought to the market.

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 Damp tolerant during application  UV resistant
Solvent, Isocyanate and VOC Free Long term reliability
Easy re-coating  Minimal weight gain to roof after application 
Less prone to bird damage Microporous to allow substrate to breath
Applied in a single coat Flexible coating with elongation
No shrinkage on curing High weather and UV resistance for this one coat system
Can be applied in temperatures between 3°C and 60°C  UK underwritten latent defect insurance
Handles normal thermal movement with a high elasticity Used and loved by Contractors 


How Do We Support Contractors?

Support starts before you even become a customer. At Alltimes, we help make the process of winning more work that little bit easier, by visiting and/or talking with your new and potential customers to help answer their questions and explain anything that they are unsure of.

When you have new enquiries, we will do our best to help you win them via site specific specifications, UK wide, and providing solutions to make the job go smoothly.

This often means specifying the correct product – even telling you a coating isn’t the answer if we think that the condition of the substrate is not suitable.

You will get the support from field technical staff and the team in the office. This will ensure you are using the correct product for the job, whilst also helping you with working quantities and costs.

We will then provide full application training, either on site or to your team within your place of work. 

Once work is underway, we’ll visit your sites to check how work is going, and we’ll also give further instructions and look for solutions to anything problematic that may arise.


Why Advanatge for Asbestos Roofs is different

For the first time the roofing industry can deliver commercial and industrial building owners with a moisture tolerant recoatable system. Advantage is light, yet incredibly strong. It’s taken four years of extensive R&D and testing, but now the system is technically the best product on the market.

Thanks to its unique chemistry, the revolutionary single coat product can be applied in damp conditions and is recoatable - significantly extending the working window for roofing contractors, regardless of the weather.

The hybrid system is primarily for industrial and commercial roof refurbishment. It’s the first of its kind, and the result of a partnership between Alltimes coatings and Blocksil, to develop a solution that would answer the industry’s long-term demands for a single coat, moisture tolerant product which can be recoated, without the need for additional primers.

The thin film coating has no membrane and is only 200 microns in thickness when applied. Because of its impressive spread rate, contractors can cover much larger surface areas than before and it’s start/stop technology also means Advantage can be applied in stages without any time restrictions, giving contractors a new level of freedom and flexibility.

Thanks to its one coat nature, speed of application is quicker and with contractors only having to traverse the roof once, foot traffic is reduced by 50 per cent, making Advantage more efficient and economical, than other systems.

Scaffolding is needed for less time, and safety is greatly improved, with contractors spending less time working at height. There’s also the added benefit of it being solvent and VOC free. Advantage doesn’t need ‘hazardous storage’, which makes onsite logistics of handling and storage easy.

It has a 20-year product warranty with UK underwritten latent defect insurance.

One of its biggest advantages is that it has two pressures – positive and negative, a feature which enables it to withstand a greater load. The whole system still breathes, keeping a constant temperature in a building.

The system is designed for a wide range of roof types and purposes. As well as roofing, Advantage can be used on guttering. The single pack roof system is designed for over-corrosion and with minimal preparation.

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