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Refurbishing Metal Industrial Roofing and Cladding

So you have a metal industrial roof and inevitably, it’s starting to rust. You’re probably thinking of the expense of replacing it, but thankfully this isn’t the only answer. No matter what you need done, there is a solution for everyone.

So, first you need to evaluate its current state. Has your metal industrial roof begun to rust, just on the edges or all over? Do you simply want to change the look of your roof? Maybe your company is changing its colour scheme. Maybe you’re fed up of seeing your dingy old grey building and fancy smartening up to match your company’s image.

Painting Your Metal Industrial Roof and Cladding

People wish to have there commercial or industrial roof and cladding painted and coated for many reasons. Perhaps you’re planning or trying to rent out your building and a new coat of paint could be just the thing to make it stand out.

Having your roof painted and a coating applied will not only improve the attractiveness of the building, but with our products it also adds another 10 years to its life, and protects the metal against deterioration due to weather and chemicals.

If you simply want your metal roof or cladding painted or a coating applied, and don’t need weatherproofing, then there is a cheaper product available in many colours, which would be more cost-effective.

There are lots of colours to choose from, from browns and greys, to reds, blues and greens, so give us a call and we’ll help you pick a colour.

Protecting Your Edges

The parts of your metal industrial roof and cladding most prone to rust are those edge laps. Fear not, we supply our industrial roofing contractors with a fantastic coating designed for this very need. It has incredible edge coverage of a minimum of 40%, even on very sharp edges, and 100% on rounded corners.

Once applied, it will protect your edges against rusting, improving the life expectancy. But why not go the whole way and refurbish the whole roof and cladding, if you have it.

Preparation is key, so watch out it gets technical here. Metal industrial roofing needs to be prepared to St2 standard (if you’re not sure what this means, don’t worry. You can find the explanation on our surface preparation page)

After the surface has been prepared, the coating is applied by painting on with a brush, under the edge laps and even over any bolts or fixings. Then, once this is dry, any gaps of the edge laps are filled, and two coats of the magic coating are applied to the whole area, transforming your rusty metal roof and cladding into an attractive building once more.

Controlling Your Corrosion

If you have a metal roof or cladding that’s rusting, its not going to last long, and it doesn’t look very professional. There is a simple solution to refurbishing your roof.

We supply our industrial roofing contractors with a superb product that, once applied, ensures your roof is completely waterproof, and resistant to rusting. It is incredibly elastic so will stretch with the movement of your building, meaning it won’t crack.

You can also choose from a variety of colours, so why not re-decorate while you’re repairing?

So don’t despair if your industrial metal roof or cladding is beginning to rust. Contact Asbestos Roof Repair now to find the solution to your rust problem.