Asbestos Roof Solutions

We're all about choice. Your asbestos roof deserves a system that's tailored to your requirements.

Asbestos Roof Treatments

There are many options available to those who have an asbestos roof that needs repairing, replacing or refurbishing.

Minor Repairs

If you need just a minor repair, such as a crack in your roof, we provide separate materials that can do this job quickly and effectively. There is no need to hire a contractor. We have an impressive tape that uses MicroSealant technology, to permanently bond to a surface. It is quick and simple to apply and eliminates the need for expensive tools. Available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one best for your job, and it is guaranteed to last for 10 years. This is also useful if you need an emergency repair done.


If you want a more long-term solution to your asbestos roof, there are a variety of options to choose from. Repair your roof with a coating and make your building fully weatherproof, while ensuring no asbestos fibres can be released through roof decay or harsh climactic conditions. To see more information on coatings, take a look at the Fibroseal Asbestos Roof Coating video, or the Asbestos Roof Coatings brochures.

Over Cladding

You may prefer over cladding, which is essentially putting another roof over the existing asbestos roof. Choose from GRP, Bitumen and steel. Steel is the cheapest option, but other considerations will have to be thought of. Any kind of over cladding adds a significant amount of weight. Does your building have the structural strength to handle it? Over time, steel will corrode, and you can’t keep adding more roofs, whereas a coating can be reapplied. However, if you use the over cladding method, there is an opportunity for improving insulation, reducing further costs to your business.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Some people simply wish to get rid of their asbestos roof and completely replace it. The HSE does recommend against this, if possible, as repairing the roof is better than disturbing dangerous asbestos fibres. However, it is possible, and may be the only option for you. If this is the case, our specialised contractors will work with you to ensure they will do the job in a way that will cause as little disturbance and cost to your business.


The first step to weatherproofing is for us to hear more about your roof. Call us to discuss your options.