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We provide experience, knowledge and coatings to assist surveyors and contractors waterproof and greatly extend the life of asbestos roofs. Asbestos Cement is a material that will far outlive modern steel roof sheets. It just needs some care and maintenance, but, ironically, less than the thin steel roof sheets used on distribution and industrial warehouses today - concrete doesn’t corrode and rust!

Collaboration is important, whether it be helping surveyors understand the differences between coatings and the options on these roofs or contractors ensure that their work is going to be effective and long lasting.


We understand your concerns about solving asbestos roofing problems safely, quickly and cost-effectively, that is why we offer different asbestos roofing repair solutions, depending on your budget and your circumstances.

Because we’re independent specialists, skilled with different asbestos roof repair technologies, you can count on unbiased advice and the right solution for your circumstances. The options include these:

We specialise in industrial roofing and our contractors do not work on residential asbestos jobs, however, if you require work to be done on a domestic roof or garage we can sell you materials on our sister web site Asbestos Roof Repair Materials.

Advantage® Asbestos Roof Repair instantly encapsulates hazardous asbestos fibres without needing a primer. An advanced 20-year system, designed to speed up the job and reduce trafficking on the roof.

Apply nearly all year round with application temperature limits of 3ºC to 60ºC, and get the repair done when you need it most.

With Advantage® Asbestos Roof Repair, you get a highly versatile asbestos roof coating system that puts the repair in your hands, allowing you to apply the system in a range of weather conditions and giving you an attractive, seamless finish, guaranteed to protect users against harmful asbestos fibres.

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You’ll only discover what’s best for your needs, future plans and budget when we talk. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can design a bespoke solution to repair your asbestos roof and weatherproof your building.

If you have your own maintenance personnel, are a roofing contractor or a homeowner wanting to do the work yourself, you can now purchase many of the products required to make an asbestos roof repair from our e-commerce site

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