About Us

As our name suggests, we're roof specialists. We work closely with industrial roofing contractors specialising in asbestos cement roof repairs – including asbestos gutters.

Asbestos Roof Specialists

Whatever your problem, our skills, experience and safe methods (including cost-effective asbestos cement roof coatings) mean we can repair your roof. Naturally, we will do this cost-effectively and with minimum disruption. Best of all, we will give you free, independent initial advice on repairing asbestos roofing and guttering before you decide on the right repair.

We are always looking for new solutions and methods and we strive to constantly improve the work we do, working with a group of trustworthy and reliable contractors all over the UK. We understand that your asbestos roof challenge is unique and always make sure you are aware of all the options you have - which are many. Before we start work, we will do thorough fact-find about your asbestos roof problem. We never make assumptions about your circumstances or the best way of repairing asbestos roof problems. Only after we have talked can we give you unbiased advice to suit your situation, plans and budgets. We can do this because we are not tied to one product or method. Instead, we will help you choose between the available specialist coatings (as well as over-cladding or roof replacement), including acclaimed Fibroseal asbestos roof coatings.