Who We Are

Alltimes Coatings is an importer, distributor and agent of waterproof coatings, specialising in niche markets, like Asbestos, and always looking at ways you can improve the application or performance of your waterproofing and protection needs.

By servicing niche areas we are able to offer you specialist knowledge and experience, helping you to solve your waterproofing and facade protection needs.

Our background is in industrial building management, where we needed practical and affordable solutions for roof repair. That meant minimum preparations, fast applications and cost effective longevities.

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One of our refurbished roofs above a metalworks near Stroud

We started out specialising in Asbestos Roof Coatings to help people that had the same problem as us. After acquiring derelict buildings with leaking asbestos roofs, we were confronted with widely differing advice and hugely differing costs. Having spoken to a variety of contractors and new roofing manufacturers, two years of searching led us into importing roof coatings and offering out advice to other building owners.

We worked hard to find trustworthy and capable roof contractors to carry out the work and have now got a selected group we work with all over the UK.  

Asbestos roof coating about        Asbestos roof repair

Our range has expanded to include what we believe to be the best asbestos roofing solutions from around the world, including tough liquid rubbers, short term coatings and instant repair kits as well as the 20 year Advanatge for Asbestos Roof Coating System. 

We are always looking for new methods to improve and will go the extra mile to ensure we offer you the best solution for your individual roofing needs, so you end up with a roof that you will be proud of for years.

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