Are you an industrial building owner with a leaking asbestos roof?

Nobody wants a leak, but everyone wants a speedy, cost effective fix that'll waterproof your building and meet all of your needs.

We know that fixing a leaking asbestos roof can be a daunting prospect. We trust our roofs to take on everything the sky can throw at us, but after protecting us from intense rainfall and extreme temperatures over many years, leaks become almost inevitable. Water can course through a building and threaten the integrity of the whole structure, so it's crucial to get it stopped now.

Most firms offer a one-solution-fits-all asbestos roof repair

Finding and fixing a leak involves time and expert knowledge, as well as the tools and expertise to bring about total waterproofing. But doing it well requires more than that. A leaking asbestos roof needs specialist care. There's always a number of systems, and usually an ideal refurbishment solution for your asbestos roof and situation.

This is where we can help you

When it comes to asbestos roofs, we know our stuff. Alltimes Coatings has been supplying, researching and testing asbestos roof solutions for many years, and we provide something other roofing specialists don't-- Impartial advice on a huge range of solutions and contractors. Working on everything from small industrial units to roofs of thousands of square meters, we've refurbished more asbestos roofs than we can count, and they all started out with a free consultation.

It all starts with a phone call

When you call us, we can begin to tailor an asbestos roof repair to the size, conditions and budget of your project. We'll look at the various options open to you, and you'll get free expert advice on the best solutions available, including a range of fibre encapsulating coatings, over cladding or roof replacement services. There's no obligation to buy and we highly recommend speaking to one of our experts before starting any projects of your own. Just some of what we take into account:

  • Coatings, sealants and primers - We can offer you the largest range of specialist asbestos roof systems on the market, and we know what will suit your building and budget.
  • Replacement - For when repair isn't possible, your old roof can be dismantled and disposed of safely, and you'll get a brand new one.
  • Over cladding - You can have a new roof straight over the old one.
  • Climate - We'll recommend different products depending on the time of year, and any relevant weather conditions. We even have a coating to cool the internal temperature of your building.

Our priorities are not only in stopping your leak, but also in making sure it never comes back. Everyday building owners, tenants, facilities managers and surveyors get in touch to find a long-lasting answer to their leaking asbestos roof. Whether your asbestos roof repair is large or small, agricultural or industrial, we can plan a solution that's going to keep the weather out for years to come.

We believe we have the largest selection of asbestos roof refurbishment systems in the UK, meaning we've got one for perfect for you. Call us on 0800 6120 750