A Contractor Needing Help With Methods To Repair Asbestos Roofs?

Free training and expert support and guidance are just the start.

Everyone needs a sound roof, and with the hundreds of thousands of asbestos roofs out there, building owners are waking up to new leaks every day. They're pretty much inevitable, and sooner or later all asbestos roofs in the country require specialist attention from a knowledgeable roofing contractor, but bringing the customer, the contractor, and the right solutions all together can be a challenge-- one that we excel at.

Free training

For a start, all roofing contractors receive free training on some of the latest systems that have the prices, applications, and results customers want. We keep ahead of the market and pride ourselves in providing the solutions that suit your customers. We then pass those systems to you, enabling you to win lucrative projects. So you can get the most from them, we tailor our training days for the conditions. For example, as we approach winter we're focusing on our solvent-based products. With application temperatures of 5ºC and near instant waterproofing, they can turn your winters into some of the most lucrative months of the year. Contact us to ask when our next training day is.

A range of systems

We are all about offering choices, and have hand-picked what we believe to be an unrivalled range of asbestos roofing solutions, roof coatings, specialist paints, and the world's only true EPDM rubber in liquid form. Basically, we've built up everything a successful roofing contractor needs, all in one place. Our systems cover everything from temporary repair to full refurbishment, and you get the chance to work with specialist solutions that have been sourced from around the world. We even have a range of solutions for asbestos cement gutters.

Continuous support and guidance

We're with you from the start to the finish. Our experts know everything from matching primers to substrates, to how to achieve a seamless finish. With us, you don't only get the products, but also the technical know-how of our team, and heaps of easy to follow data sheets and application guides.

If you could provide the roofing services your customers want, why wouldn't you? To get started call us on 01453 872850