A Home Owner Looking For Coatings And Materials To Repair Their Asbestos Roofs?

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A leak is never something you want to find, and we know how distressing sudden water damage can be. Water corrodes metal and rots wood, as well as causing moss growth and poor air quality. Leaks will course through any gaps in homes and garages and rapidly weaken the material's structure, meaning the pressure's on to find a fast and effective fix. But when it comes to asbestos, it can be a challenge to find DIY solutions for homeowners with a leaking roof.

An honest solution

Many roofing companies will advise replacing or over-cladding a leaking asbestos roof, but for hairline fractures or minor repairs this is often not necessary. There's a reason asbestos cement was so popular for garages and buildings. It's durable, flexible, and fire and chemical resistant. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, asbestos roofs can last for 25-40 years. Some of the best asbestos roofs we see are over 60 years old. Concrete is remarkably durable, hence why it formed the backbone of the Roman empire, whose structures still stand after 2000 years. It would be a shame to let a leak cost you the whole roof.

This why we created GooForIt

Designed for DIY coatings and repairs, GooForIt lets homeowners carry out their own small-scale repairs, saving you the time and expenses of getting a contractor in. We've created guides and there's heaps of resources for everything roofing and niche DIY, enabling you to seal that leaking asbestos roof safely and effectively.