A Tenant At The End Of The Lease Handing Back A Building That Needs Asbestos Roofing Repair?

Getting your leaking asbestos roof fixed before you hand it back

If you're at the end of a Full Repair and Insurance lease, you're responsible for repairing all buildings up to a sufficient standard to be handed back to the landlord, despite how those buildings have been damaged. Even if it was caused by wear and tear or unforeseen circumstances, it's usually still the tenant's responsibility. A leaking asbestos roof is one of the main concerns tenants have. You may be worried about cost, time-consuming labour, or which solution to turn to, and the choices can seem overwhelming.

Effective asbestos solutions at a cost-effective price

We work with many tenants handing back properties at the end of their leases, and we can refurbish or repair a roof with your budget in mind. Our wide range of solutions seal everything from hairline fractures to large cracks, giving you a number of choices. When a leak has done its worst, the whole building becomes porous and the structure takes in too much water, meaning roof refurbishment is the answer. In our experience, tenants and landlords aren't aware of the solutions that are available to them. We receive many calls from tenants who believe they have to use a certain solution or procedure, and are delighted to find that they have other options available.

A tailored approach to your repair or refurbishment

We've spent years investing and researching in asbestos roof coatings, and understand exactly what your building needs. Unlike other roofing specialists, we're not restricted to representing one product or solution, meaning we provide an unrivalled service that takes everything into account. Surfaces, weather conditions, and seasonal requirements are just the start of what to think about with asbestos roof repair.

  • Budget-- Every project has a budget, and we take that into account early in our plans.
  • Longevity-- We cater for all industrial sizes, from temporary to long-life guarantees.
  • Cleaning-- A specially cleaned asbestos roof can look as good as new, as well as improving roof life by removing moss, lichen and algae. Cleaning a roof light is also far less disruptive than removing and replacing it.
  • Odour-- Our asbestos roof coatings are designed to give off minimal odour, meaning less disruption to your business.
  • Accessibility-- We can overcome most accessibility and safety issues.
  • Colour-- Choose from a range of colour shades to suit your property.

We work with roofing contractors all over the country and can almost always match a professional roofer to your needs, budget and accessibility, as well as fulfilling any special on-site or company health & safety requirements.

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