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  • Moisture Cure Rubber: Seamless gutters in 1-3 hours

    19 May 2016

    Moisture Cure rubber can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on and cures within hours to form a waterproof membrane, protecting gutter systems and providing a vulnerability free barrier.  Better protection with seamless gutters Most roof repair material…

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  • SuperArmour: Instant repair for leaking skylight windows

    13 May 2016

    Got a leaking skylight in an asbestos roof? Avoid costly disposal and replacement costs with a tough rubber coating that forms a seamless barrier against rain and UV damage. Perfect for repairing skylight windows Clear, near-invisible membrane so…

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  • Which Roofing Tape? Crack Repair Made Easy

    12 May 2016

    Get your roof sealed today with the DIY roofing tapes that make your repair quick and easy. We've gathered together our range of roofing tapes and crack sealants to explain why the roofing industry needs choices. 1) Fleece Backed Butyl Tape, 100mm x…

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  • Iso Paint Asbestos Roof Coatings

    12 May 2016

    Anybody that's experienced an ISO Paint coating can see why the company are market leaders. Every tin of solution is filtered and checked and re-checked until it satisfies the company's strict expectations. The result is easy to apply systems that gi…

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  • Roof Repair Case Study: Weavergate Chemical Plant

    15 March 2016

    Ecolab 4000m² asbestos roof repair Ecolab is a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies. They contacted us for advice on how to refurbish a 4000m² asbestos roof and 150m of metal guttering on one of their chemical plants in Northwich.…

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  • Emergency Asbestos Roof Repair: An Instant Leak Solution

    18 February 2016

    Finally, the emergency roof repair kits that can stop your leaks Our asbestos roof kits available from our e-commerce web site GooForIt are an instant repair solution that are designed to stop your leak now. They form a tough yet flexible, waterproo…

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  • The Three Pigges and their Three Leaking Asbestos Roofs

    18 December 2015

    What Piggy number one did   After sweeping the puddles from his home, he bought a common acrylic based repair solution. There was nobody in the store to advise him, but he knew it was a popular product so thought it must be effective. He coated ove…

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  • Should I over clad or coat my asbestos roof?

    9 December 2015

    Coating Vs. Over Cladding an Asbestos Roof This is probably the biggest question that building owners face, and the decision involves budget, roof suitability, accessibility, waterproofing, and aesthetics. There's also some serious asbestos safety…

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