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Iso Paint Asbestos Roof Coatings

12 May 2016

Market leaders in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, ISO Paint coatings are renowned for their high durability, ease of application and attractive finishes. Request brochure here.

Anybody that's experienced an ISO Paint coating can see why the company are market leaders. Every tin of solution is filtered and checked and re-checked until it satisfies the company's strict expectations. The result is easy to apply systems that give building owners the longevities they need without stretching their budget.

Long life with 197% elasticity, perfect for asbestos roof repair

Roofs move all the time, so it's important that your roof repair materials can keep up with it. This is where many coatings fall down, tearing and stretching under the pressure of building movement. ISO Paints are specifically designed to counteract this with up to a 197% elongation. The result is that you can rely on an ISO Paint coating to last for years to come, regardless of usual building movement. 

Great UV protection, reassuring for asbestos roof owners

Protect the roof from relentless sun damage with a UV resistant ISO Paint Roof Coating, ensuring long term protection. Unlike many bitumen based coatings, which enbrittle with exposure to the sun. ISO Paint Coatings are designed to extend the life of your asbestos roof by up to 20 years.

13 colours optimised for colour and performance

Find a colour to match your asbestos roof repair and get the perfect finish for your customers.

Makes asbestos roof repair as easy as possible

Simply spray, brush or roller on a primer and top coat directly onto the asbestos roof. This cures to form a tough membrane without any vulnerable seams or joints, meaning less chance of future leaks. The most important part of the process is thorough cleaning. After this, you can get a fully waterproof roof within hours. 

The range that's proven to work on asbestos roofs

ISO Paint Coatings come with various warranties, and have well documented scientific benefits for roofs. 

  • Reduces moss, algae and damage from pollution
  • Reinforced and stronger overall roof
  • Rebuilds original roof protection
  • Avoids expensive asbestos roof replacement costs

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