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Moisture Cure Rubber: Seamless gutters in 1-3 hours

19 May 2016

Fix an asbestos gutter with a liquid applied rubber and provide seamless protection from the worst rainfalls. Request a brochure here.

Moisture Cure rubber can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on and cures within hours to form a waterproof membrane, protecting gutter systems and providing a vulnerability free barrier. 

Better protection with seamless gutters

Most roof repair materials can be awkward to position and needlessly turn repair jobs into a repetitive and difficult procedure. Roofing sheets such as EPDM also have the added hindrance of creating joints all along the gutter. The seams between each roof sheets create vulnerabilities which moisture can eventually break through, causing leaks all over again.

Moisture Cure is a coating system that produces seamless results, meaning greater security in your repair job.

Perfect cure for leaking gutters

  • Highly effective water barrier means ponding water isn't an issue
  • Coating cures in 1-3 hours, forming a tough barrier
  • Built to be UV stable, so won't enbrittle with age, unlike many other coatings
  • Can be applied to a damp surface, great for gutter repair jobs
  • Cures at temperatures of 1ºC, so you can repair when others can't
  • Algae and mould resistant, keeping gutter systems clearer

Gutter cleaning can be quicker and easier

With a Moisture Cure protected gutter, dirt and moss struggle to grip the surface, making it easier to clean the surface. No more hours spent cleaning and re-cleaning the same gutter.

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