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Roof Repair Case Study: Weavergate Chemical Plant

15 March 2016

How do you repair a 4000m² asbestos roof in the depths of winter while keeping the chemical plant underneath operational? Easy, with the right tools and training for the job. 

Ecolab 4000m² asbestos roof repair

Ecolab is a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies. They contacted us for advice on how to refurbish a 4000m² asbestos roof and 150m of metal guttering on one of their chemical plants in Northwich.

The challenge 

Ecolab's original asbestos roof was leaking and they needed it fixed during the winter months. The bigger challenge was how would they keep the plant operational throughout? There was also large amounts of chemicals in the building, and so any repair solution needs to live up to the strict levels of health and safety required when working around chemicals.

The solution

The job needed to be done fast, even if conditions were approaching freezing. But Ecolab also needed a long lasting roof refurbishment, so spot repair wasn't enough. We were able to use our wide range of coatings to find the perfect roof system for them. It needed to be applied in the cold, be suitable for asbestos, and cause the minimum of disruption so the plant could remain operational. 

The approach

After taking everything into account, we recommended a liquid applied system called AsbestosProof, a robust solution developed specifically for asbestos roofs. This coating becomes an integral part of the roof, encapsulating the asbestos fibres and protecting the environment from harmful fibre release. On top of this, the system can be applied in challenging weather conditions, so Ecolabs could get their leaks stopped as soon as possible, despite a cold roof temperature.

This approach also meant the plant could keep operating with minimum disruption, and so maintains business as usual as much as possible. Production is not unnecessarily halted. There's also considerable money saved as the asbestos roof won't need dismantling and disposing of. Specialist asbestos landfill sites aren't cheap.

Why AsbestosProof? 

  • Up to a 20 year guarantee, so Ecolabs knew it was a long term solution
  • Comes in a range of colour shades, so Ecolabs could find one to match the roof
  • Makes the roof look new and appealing
  • Completely waterproof, with a seamless finish that protected the machinery and chemicals inside
  • UV resistant, so able to withstand intense sunshine and not break down

Repairing metal gutters

For the 150m of guttering, we used a rapid curing system called LiquidGutter. This waterproofed the guttering without significantly decreasing its capacity. You can read more about Rapid Curing systems on our home site.

  • Single layer solution and no need for a primer mean a gutter lining job can be cut to a 1/6th of the usual time
  • Rapid curing means the membrane cures in under an hour, saving labour time and cost
  • Range of colour shades to match Ecolab's building
  • Can be applied in freezing conditions, even down to -5°C

The roofing contractors 

We run our own network of approved contractors that span the whole of the UK. These are specialist roofing contractors that have been trained on our systems. They always deliver the highest quality installation and achieve the highest levels of health and safety. Their specialities cover the whole of the roofing industry, and so we're able to match the right contractor for Ecolab's project. 

We appointed Mars Construct as principle contractor, who got the job done on time. They removed and replaced 220 rooflights, reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering energy costs. They conducted a controlled clean of the asbestos roof sheets and applied AsbestosProof and LiquidGutter to refurbish the roof. This was all completed while the plant remained operational and upheld the highest protocols of working at heights and with asbestos.

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