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SuperArmour: Instant repair for leaking skylight windows

13 May 2016

SuperArmour is a clear liquid rubber that's cured to form a tough and see-through membrane, perfect for waterproofing and protecting skylights. Request brochure here.

Got a leaking skylight in an asbestos roof? Avoid costly disposal and replacement costs with a tough rubber coating that forms a seamless barrier against rain and UV damage.

Perfect for repairing skylight windows

  • Clear, near-invisible membrane so more natural light gets through 
  • Prevents dirt build up, keeping lights clearer for longer
  • Easy to apply system, simply brush onto surface after cleaning
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces, meaning less prep time needed
  • Fast cure in 1-3 hours by absorbing moisture in the air
  • Forms a seamless barrier that's free of vulnerabilities, meaning easy long term protection

No need to fork out for new skylight windows

Repairing the current ones is now quicker and easier. Removing, disposing and replacing leaking skylights can be a needless expense. You can simply coat over the area with a clear coating, meaning you retain as much natural light as possible. On top of that, Super Armour has some distinct benefits over a new skylight.

Long term protection for a leaking skylight 

Not only will SuperArmour waterproof the surface, but the rubber also contains a permanent UV absorber that significantly slows down the rate of degradation. This means that unlike other coatings, SuperArmour won't enbrittle over time, making it outlast many other repair materials. 

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