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What is Rapid Curing?

9 December 2015

Rapid curing systems significantly reduce job times, and can be completed in short weather windows, even at freezing temperatures, meaning and you can get the job done at any time of year. Request brochure here.

Quick to cure

Due to their unique chemistry, these coating systems cure extremely quickly, so the project can be completed within a tight deadline. There's no drying times, and the solution can usually be applied 'wet on wet' meaning the main layer can be coated directly on a primer (usually required for cement surfaces). This can seriously reduce on site time and costs as there's no waiting around for solutions to dry. In fact, our solution for cut edge corrosion can cut a job down to a 1/6th of the usual time.


Easy Application and Instant Waterproofing

Designed for year round application, these systems can be applied at -5ºC and still provide immediate waterproofing, meaning your roof can be repaired or refurbished during the winter months, and sudden rain is no longer an issue. Typically, systems such as fibreglass can be ruined if it rains before they have a chance to cure, meaning the entire solution must be stripped and the process started again. It's not only rain that causes this. Harsh humidity can also threaten systems. Rapid curing is a reliable system that can get the job done in conditions which can ruin regular solutions, and provides long-term waterproofing of over 25 years.


What this means for building owners

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines

  • Reduced labour and site costs

  • Long guarantees of up to 25 years

  • Winter work is possible

  • Peace of mind with instant waterproofing

 What this means for roofing contractors

  • Expand your business over the colder months

  • Offer competitive prices, and still provide a long term warranty

  • Ability to get the job done when the customer wants

  • More security in hitting deadlines

  • Quick application frees you up for further work

  • Offer colour shades

  • Complete work before your competitors could even get on site

  • Enjoy the ease of one-coat application



Rapid curing systems are a gateway into roofing in the colder months, and enable building owners to receive a reliable, tailored service at any time of the year. We've developed a range of three different rapid curing solutions, one for flat roofs, one for lining gutters and one to halt cut edge corrosion, and all provide a seamless, waterproof finish. 

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