Roof Repair: Coating an Asbestos Roof

Times have moved on from the days where over-cladding and replacement were the only options, and you can now use the latest in roof coating technology to waterproof your building. 

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It's safe, straightforward and cost-effective, and you even get a seamless finish that rejuvenates the look of your roof. Many roofing firms will try to offer a one-coat-fits-all system, but just as with any roofing job, a tailored service is what's required for long-term cost-effective waterproofing. Over years of research, we've built up a range of asbestos roof coatings that suit all of your requirements, from budget to colour choice.

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Top reasons to use an asbestos roof coating

When you disturb asbestos, fibres can be released and then inhaled into the lungs. Coating an asbestos roof involves an understanding of the regulatory issues around handling asbestos, as well as getting to the root of the leak and future proofing the structure of the roof. Asbestos roof coatings are highly reliable, yet easy to apply and so less expensive than over cladding or replacement. They're the ideal minimum fuss repair solution, and deliver exceptional water and chemical resistance, meaning more and more building owners are turning to our range of coatings to waterproof and protect their roof.

  • Long-lasting repairs with 10-20 year warranties

  • Wide range of coatings to fit your property

  • The fastest way of waterproofing an asbestos roof

  • Save money with a long term solution

  • Repair skylights cost-effectively with a clear solution

  • Minimal business disruption

  • Proven solutions and methods

  • Fitted by highly experienced contractors

  • Prevent growth of moss and lichen

  • No building regulations to satisfy

  • No asbestos disposal required

  • Easy clean and top up after warranty period

Coating systems vs. over cladding

Either way you get a result that's as good as having a new roof, but it's the durability and application of these two solutions that will make your mind up. Coatings can offer impressive guarantees of up to 20 years, and are easy to maintain, whereas over cladding is always at risk of rust and general decay. Coatings seal the roof, meaning corrosion can't take place. Over cladding also comes with some serious safety issues. In order to fasten new metal sheets on the roof, hundreds or thousands of holes have to be drilled into the asbestos cement, causing an alarming likeliness of asbestos fibre release. For this reason alone, large businesses are increasingly steering clear of over cladding for employee health reasons. 

Not all roof coatings are created equal 

You have coating choices, and lots of them. From emergency fixes to 20 year systems, we've spent years sourcing and testing asbestos roof coatings, and have developed a range of what we believe to be the most effective, versatile and easy to apply coatings from around the world. For example, we've got systems specifically designed for seasonal requirements or roof type, meaning we can waterproof your roof at any type of the year and in most conditions. If there's a solution for your asbestos roof, our range have got it covered.

Have all of your requirements met with our diverse range of coating systems. We have the answer to every budget and time constraint. Whether your repair is an emergency stop gap or 20 year solution, get the colours, durability and weatherproofing you need.

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