DIY Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

Your leaking asbestos roof sealed ASAP without the need for contractors or asbestos disposal

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Save time and money by fixing your asbestos roof yourself. Designed by the experts, the premium products that make up these kits have a track record of successful weatherproofing. Whether you've got a small asbestos garage or a large commercial asbestos roof, you can stop your leaks yourself. All kits include everything you need even down to brushes, gloves, and a step by step photo guide.

With any asbestos roof repair projects, check out the HSE guidelines on asbestos and ensure you're safe at all times of your repair.  

Asbestos Crack Repair Kit

Seal cracks yourself with the highly durable foil backed butyl tape. This tough rubber tape instantly seals your leaks and protects the interior of your property from further damage. Couple with a primer and cleaning solution for a durable repair, all included with the kit. With a UV protective foil backing, this roof repair tape is able to withstand relentless sun exposure. You get a long lasting repair after just a simple application.

Repair cracked asbestos sheets       Asbestos roof repair

Created by the asbestos roof repair experts, this kit is quick, easy, and safe to use. Plus there's three different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your roof. There's no unreliable bitumen or acrylic based products in any of our kits, giving you the confidence of a watertight finish. Order today to get your leak stopped ASAP.

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Asbestos Roof and Gutter Hole Repair Kit

Instantly seal holes with a highly durable fibreglass-style repair patch. These are tough UV cured patches that harden to form a weatherproof barrier when exposed to sunlight. Combined with the UV curing primer, they form a watertight seal over the holes in your asbestos roof. 

Leaking asbestos roof     Emergency roof repair

The cut to size Speedpatches can cover holes up to 20 x 13 cms, and two can even be combined to cover a larger hole, although this may affect long term durability. This kit comes in three different sizes, giving you the versatility needed to repair the various holes in your asbestos roof. Like all of our kits you get everything you need. Plus a step by step photo guide that makes repair quicker and easier. Order now and start enjoying a watertight roof.

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Asbestos Crack and Roof Sheet Repair Kit

It's now easier than ever to solve your leaking asbestos roof problems and protect your property from further water damage. This kit is the perfect asbestos roof repair all rounder. Using the popular fleecebacked butyl tape, this kit seals cracks and porous sheets with a highly durable rubber solution. With Alltimes Liquid Rubber as a topcoat, the fleece backed butyl embeds itself into the solution, creating a tough and watertight repair that can stop your leak in the long run.

Asbestos garage roof repair       Asbestos roof garage repair

Like all of our kits, you get everything you need for a weatherproof repair, including a step by step photo guide that makes the job easy. Whether you've got a leaking asbestos garage roof or a large industrial asbestos roof, this kit can seal your leaks. No more dread at the next rain cloud, and no more damage caused to your property. Order now for a free and speedy delivery.

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Asbestos Roof Bolt Repair Kit

Roof bolts are a common cause of leaks in asbestos roofs. Over years the bolt holes can widen an cause leaks around the boltheads. This kit gives you everything you need to seal those bolts and stop the leaks in your asbestos roof. Using a thick 6mm butyl tape and the reinforced emergency roof repair solution, StopGap, this kit provides a watertight seal that easily covers bolt heads. 

Asbestos roof sealant      Asbestos roof repair garage

By completely sealing the bolt head, leaks cannot get through and your building is once again safe from water damage. This is far faster and cheaper than asbestos roof disposal, and you can still get the confidence of a watertight roof. Unlike bitumen or acrylic based solutions, the tough butyl rubber has the durability and flexibility for effective waterproofing. Get your kit today and weatherproof your asbestos roof. 

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