Emergency asbestos roof repair

Get your roof sealed even if it's under standing water or heavy rain with the unique water displacement abilities of Pour N Plug. 

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You've got a leak that desperately needs to be fixed but your roof is either covered in ponding water or there's never a dry moment for roof repair. On top of that, the standard roof repair products are usually bitumen or acrylic based, and can't handle temperature changes. This means they can crack in the cold and go soft in the heat, and so the leak begins again.

Emergency roof repair       emergency asbestos roof repair

Pour N Plug is different. Created by the coatings experts, ProGuard, market leaders and the inventors of Liquid Rubber EPDM, Pour N Plug uses the latest coatings science to stop your leak effectively. They knew that fixing a leak under ponding water or in heavy rain was impossible for most roofers, and yet it's exactly what homeowners need.

Emergency flat roof repair      Repair asbestos garage roof

With a heavy solids density, Pour N Plug is able to displace water above holes and leaks, making it perfect for flat roof repair and gutter repair. The solution sinks to the bottom and replaces the water surrounding the affected area. You can then use some reinforcing matting to bridge the gap, and pour more of the solution on top for a complete seal.

Garage roof repair      Roof leak repair kit

It really is as easy as that and so just about anybody can do it. Enjoy a reliably watertight finish and stop your leaks asap. Pour N Plug outperforms other emergency roof repair products with high durability and unique application benefits. This rugged solution can plug your leak despite standing water or the wet and windy conditions. 

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