Asbestos Roof Encapsulation

Protect friends, family and staff members by shielding them with asbestos encapsulation, and have long-term security in your building.

The solution to an asbestos roof is easier than you think. Protecting your family and employees via asbestos encapsulation is an effective way of dealing with an asbestos roof.

According to the HSE, undamaged asbestos is best left undisturbed. Dismantling and disposing of asbestos is more dangerous than keeping it where it is, and sealing it with a specialist coating is a safe, reliable and effective solution for hazardous asbestos fibres. When you disturb asbestos, high volumes of fibres can be released. These fibres can then be inhaled and become trapped in the lungs and deep within the body. Asbestos cement has been phased out of construction decades ago, but many structures remain today. Age, climate and weather threaten to disturb the hazardous asbestos fibres, meaning they could potentially shower down on family and employees inside the building. Asbestos roof encapsulation prevents this.

The Health and Safety Executive estimates that 4000 deaths a year in the UK are related to asbestos fibres.

The specialist asbestos encapsulation systems

Get long-lasting security with an internal asbestos encapsulation system that effectively traps asbestos fibres in a protective shell, safely sealing them before they can be inhaled. Our specialist systems safely penetrate the asbestos surface, securely binding themselves to the roofing and cladding and forming a protective layer. This is a comforting thought for employees spending hours near an asbestos roof or walls.

Use the right asbestos roof sealant

You can't just coat or paint the inside of an asbestos roof with a regular paint. There's a high risk of danger when the solution begins to flake, potentially covering the room with harmful fibres. Using a specialised coating that will encapsulate asbestos fibres, means long-term security in your roof and vital protection for those underneath. Fibre encapsulation avoids unnecessary disturbance of the asbestos cement, and is often the contractors and employers choice for maintaining a building, as well as caring for a workforce.

Asbestos encapsulation: The added benefit of Roof Cooling

As well as internal asbestos roof encapsulation, there is an external coating system that has the added bonus of cooling down the roof cavity. This saves on the cost of using air conditioning or fans to cool buildings, meaning your energy bills can be reduced. This is partly achieved by the reflective properties in the coating, which have been proven to reduce surface temperatures by up to 20ºC, but mostly the unique formula of the solution that can achieve these results even when the system is coloured black.

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