Industrial Asbestos Roof Repair

How big is your leaking asbestos roof? 1000m², 2000m², even 4000m²? It can be dry and watertight as soon as you want. Imagine a tough and seamless membrane protecting your roof from rain and sun damage. You're then free to carry on as usual knowing your commercial operations can thrive under a fully waterproof roof. 

Need to keep your business going while your asbestos roof is repaired?

No problem. That's exactly what we did for a chemical plant in Northwhich. They had leaks all over their roof and gutter system, and needed them fixed fast. On top of that Britain was stuck in the depths of winter, and most coatings couldn't be applied in the cold. On further inspection, we found that two of our roofing systems would be perfect for the job. AsbestosProof, a highly durable rubbery coating, was used on the asbestos cement. And LiquidGutter, a rapid curing system, was used to line the 150m metal gutter system. Learn more about rapid curing here. The project was completed on time, and gave the roof a smooth and seamless appearance. This solution enabled the plant to remain open during the entire repair period, ensuring the business didn't lose out. You can watch the case study on YouTube.

A huge leaking asbestos roof? Surely it's safer to just get rid of it?

Actually, the opposite is true. Official HSE guidelines state that unless asbestos cement is damaged, it's much safer to keep it where it is. This is why asbestos roof coating is so popular among industrial building owners. It's only in dismantling and removing the asbestos cement that hazardous fibres are released. On top of that, there's the disposal health hazards and costs to consider. Asbestos is not recyclable, and disposal costs for industrial sized roofs can be huge. A specialist coating system encapsulates the asbestos fibres, keeping fibre release to a minimum. This means employees and family members don't have to worry about exposure. You could also save yourself a lot of money by avoiding the dismantling and disposal cost. Learn more on our Coating an Asbestos Roof page. 

Think it's too late for your roof? Visit our Asbestos Roofing in Your Area page to find suitable disposal.

Does an industrial sized roof repair have an industrial sized price tag? 

Not with us. When we put our range together, we ensured all our coatings were high performance solutions. They're designed to achieve great durability at the lowest possible price. Plus you're buying straight from a supplier, meaning no middle man costs. We've kept costs to a minimum wherever possible, and our wide range means you can find a roofing system that suits your budget.

Is it best to over clad your asbestos roof?

Sometimes, but usually not. Over cladding involves drilling hundreds of holes into the asbestos cement, exactly what the HSE advise against. There's also planning permission and the extra weight an over clad brings. Plus there's the risk of cut edge corrosion destroying your new roof not long after it's installed. However, it can still be the best way to go in certain circumstances. Check out our Over clad vs. Coating article for more info.

Is a coating really going to solve your asbestos roof leaks?

Absolutely. We wouldn't offer a solution to you if we didn't think it would work. Coating systems can waterproof your leaks, no matter the size of your industrial asbestos roof. They'll also go one step further than your previous roof and stop those leaks from coming back. Coatings have a number of advantages over standard waterproofing materials. 

Coatings create a seamless barrier on top of the roof. Seams, joints and bolts are all vulnerable parts of your roof. Over time they can break down and let rainwater in. As a coating is liquid applied, it cures to form a single, flexible membrane. No seams and so no leaks.

How we're different: All of your industrial asbestos roof repair options

Unlike other asbestos roof repair companies out there, we specialise in a unique range of exclusive systems. These roofing solutions have been thoroughly tested and have proven themselves time and time again. In fact, we're so sure they'll do the job that we include warranties of up to 25 years. It's this range of systems that give us the flexibility to find a perfect one for your industrial asbestos roof. What's your budget? Required longevity? Even colour preference? We've seen and heard it all, and we developed our range to match the needs of building owners like you.

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