Over Sheeting Asbestos Roofs

If your current asbestos roof is beyond coating, weather-damaged or at the end of its life, it's easy for leaks to find their way through.

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Once in, they can also threaten the integrity of the whole building, and should be stopped urgently.


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Roof cladding involves installing a new roof straight over the current asbestos one, meaning you can waterproof your building and avoid the cost and trouble of dismantling and disposing of the old roof.


There's some specific considerations to have in mind with over cladding, such as planning permission and building regulations. For example, if you clad 25% or more of your roof, the new roof has to meet current standards for insulation. Plus, a structural engineer needs to assess whether or not your building can take the weight of the over clad.


Over cladding or over sheeting asbestos roofs means the original asbestos roof stays where it is, while new sheets are positioned on top and secured by a fixing that goes through the old roof and attaches to the existing structure of the building. This stops any leaks and leaves you with a brand new roof without having to disturb the old one.


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