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  • Coating Vs. Over Cladding an Asbestos Roof

    We all need a good roof over our heads, and getting a leak stopped quickly and effectively is essential in securing the long life of the structure of the entire building. Many firms will offer a one solution service, and try to fit all of a building'…

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  • What Exactly is Asbestos?

    Because of its fibrous nature it can be woven into fabrics and used to reinforce cement and plastics. It was very popular among manufacturers and builders in the 20th Century, who used it for building and electrical insulation. Types of asbestos Th…

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  • The Five Step Success Plan for handling Asbestos Roofs

    The plan below will help keep you within the law but if you want to make it simple for yourself have you thought about employing a specialist contractor? We work with a team of experienced and qualified professionals to get your project completed…

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  • Refurbishing Metal Industrial Roofing and Cladding

    So, first you need to evaluate its current state. Has your metal industrial roof begun to rust, just on the edges or all over? Do you simply want to change the look of your roof? Maybe your company is changing its colour scheme. Maybe you’re fed up o…

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  • 8 Easy Ways to Repair or Refurbish Your Asbestos Roof

    We believe in good honest choices, and providing customers with independent advice about the options open to them. We've helped countless industrial building owners find a solution tailored to their needs, from emergency patch repair to full roof ref…

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  • Industrial Asbestos Roof Repair FAQs

    It can be dry and watertight as soon as possible. Imagine a tough and seamless membrane protecting your roof from rain and sun damage. You're then free to carry on as usual knowing your commercial operations can thrive under a fully waterproof roof. …

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