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Asbestos Roofing in Manchester

Fix Your Industrial Asbestos Roof in Manchester

Asbestos roof problems can be difficult to handle. If you need help with your industrial asbestos roof then it's best to seek advice from experts. We are a specialist asbestos roof repair company with a network of approved contractors across the UK and throughout Manchester. They will be able to assess your roof and advise you on the most practical solution using our world renowned coatings and sealants that can repair many roof types.

Asbestos roof repair Tewkesbury

If you're a home-owner, we can still provide specialist products to repair or refurbish your asbestos roof, just visit our website for more details on how to fix your asbestos roof

We can make your roof look like new and last for many years, so call us on:

01453 872850

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Not Just Asbestos Roofs in Manchester

If you live in the vicinity of Manchester and require work done on your industrial or commercial asbestos roof, call us now or use the call back form and we will contact you shortly. We have spent years building up approved contractors who use our cutting-edge repair products and will be able to repair your roof to your specifications. 

  • Flat roofs

  • Metal roofs

  • Asphalt roofs and repairs

  • Rubber roof coatings

  • Roof tile paint

  • Masonry paint

  • Brick sealer

  • Cladding paints

  • And many more.

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Asbestos Waste Removal and Disposal

Double wrapped asbestos waste can be taken to the following waste sites:

  • Reliance Street, Newton Heath, M40 3EZ - Tel: 0161 688 0370.
  • Sandfold Lane, Levenshulme, M19 3BJ - Tel: 0161 224 0806.
  • Longley Lane, Sharston, M22 4RQ - Tel: 0161 428 4963.
  • You must call before going to either site to ensure there is enough space.

Alternatively, you can hire a local waste carrier. They include:

  • Bin and Gone, 3 Apollo Walk, Manchester, Lancashire, M12 5HG - Tel: 0161 441 5945.
  • Skip Hire Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH - Tel: 0161 737 5050.

To see your council's asbestos waste page, click the link: