Asbestos Roof Cleaning

Over time, dirt can irrecoverably damage your roof, meaning you may have to fork out for a whole new one. If a specialist clean could prevent this expense, and leave you with an attractive and durable roof, why wouldn't you?

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Moss, algae, lichen, dirt – all of these substances can build up on a neglected roof, resulting in cracks and gaps that can reduce the strength of the roof. 

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DIY roof cleaning is never as easy as it seems, and dirt and grime can still cling to the surface, so you could end up back up the ladder in a matter of months. It's rarely worth it. For a long lasting clean, we always recommend hiring a reliable specialist contractor, who can guarantee to get the job done quickly and efficiently and follows current legislation. If you're a contractor, looking for tips for cleaning the roof, contact us now.

Cleaning an asbestos roof 

When you blast an asbestos roof with a power washer, you'll end up spreading harmful asbestos fibres everywhere. These are invisible and can be hidden among the dirt. This is a sure way to land yourself in a lot of expensive trouble. This is why it's essential to use contractors that are experienced in following HSE guidelines.

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As with most roofing jobs, preparation is key. Our roofing professionals know exactly how to clean a roof. This is essential in providing an effective repair. Be wary of people who want to simply climb up there and start using a pressure washer. In general, our contractors work with an efficient cleaning blueprint:

  • Remove heavy moss and other solids

  • High pressure clean using enclosed heads

  • Filter run off water with the asbestos waste to five microns as per the EA regulations

Asbestos roof cleaning is a specialists' operation and all of our approved contractors either have their own advanced equipment, hire it from us or subcontract the cleaning to a specialist.

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