Asbestos Roof Replacement

When the conditions have done their worse, replacing an asbestos roof is called for, and our asbestos specialists will take care of everything. 

Asbestos removal cost is a primary concern for many building owners, but we ensure the process is done as cost-effectively as possible, as well as adhering to strict safety standards and disposal procedures. We're also well versed on the current building regulations for heat and light.

Safe asbestos roof removal involves minimising damage to the asbestos cement that forms the main material of the roof. Our specialists are experienced in lifting and lowering the roof without breaking the cement and releasing the asbestos fibres. The asbestos then needs to be transported and disposed of safely.

 All personnel involved with asbestos roof removal come equipped with Personal Protective Equipment, such as special overalls, over-shoes, and respiratory equipment. We only cater for industrial and commercial asbestos roof removals, and so we're experienced with large scale projects.

 Replacing an asbestos roof is best left to the professionals, and with the high amounts of asbestos roofing in the UK, we'll continue to provide a top quality service for years to come.

To hear how much it would cost to replace your asbestos roof, call us on 0800 6120 750