Waterproofing an Asbestos Roof

Coating is a safe, effective and long term solution to a leaking asbestos roof

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Over time asbestos roofs can get porous, meaning cracks develop and leaks are likely to occur. This brings not only a pause in business as usual, but left undeterred a leak can threaten the integrity of the whole structure. What starts as a trickle could eventually bring the whole place down. A leak must be dealt with quickly, but many building owners are reluctant to face the costs of dismantling and disposing of their leaking asbestos roof.

Waterproof coatings: Asbestos roof repair is easier than you think

Specialist roof coatings provide immediate weatherproofing and are a cost-effective solution for anything between emergency asbestos roof repair and long-term asbestos roof refurbishment. They're applied as a liquid by roller or spray gun, and cure to form a watertight membrane that rejuvenates your roof, as well as sealing off the harmful asbestos fibres in the cement.

Got an asbestos garage roof or DIY project? You can now get our professional grade products in an asbestos roof repair kit, compete with step by step photo instructions that make your repair as easy as possible.

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The product is only half the solution to waterproofing an asbestos roof

This is where our dedicated network of asbestos roofing contractors come in, as they have the experience, special equipment as well as the insurance and the certifications required to fix a leaking asbestos roof. We've spent years testing asbestos coating systems and developing a wide range of trusted roofing contractors who are experts in asbestos roof repair. Plus, we're independent and proud of it, meaning our waterproofing solutions are all hand picked for their brilliant performance.

Don't let a good roof down

The major component of asbestos roof sheets is concrete (approx. 88%). Concrete has been around since the Roman times and we can still find structures from that time around today. This is a good example that clearly shows how looking after your roof could last for many more decades. It also means this will be a lot more durable than modern steel roofs which can start rusting away after a few short years. Coatings are an ideal solution to a leaking asbestos roof, and can ensure you get many more years from your current roof.

Our approach to asbestos roof repair

We believe we are quite unique in what we do and we offer a range of systems from different manufacturers as well as our own systems and products. We appreciate that each job is unique in terms of budgets, colours used, longevity, time of the year etc. We are aware that coatings aren't always the answer and hence offer a range of solutions, from patch repair to metal over-cladding to insulation as well as complete removal and re-roofing.

If you would like to write off 150% cost of the work against tax come and talk to us. We can help.

For DIY people doing their own repairs on asbestos roofs, materials are available to buy through our Gooforit website www.gooforit.co.uk.

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