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We will fix your industrial leaking asbestos roof. After years of research and testing, we've hand picked the best range of asbestos roof solutions that answer your needs. 

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Asbestos Roofing and Guttering

We have built up a successful business repairing asbestos roofing and guttering for organisations like yours. Because we work closely with leading manufacturers we can select the best coating for your circumstances. That means you will be sure of getting the right repair for your needs – not the most lucrative sale for a product manufacturer.

You could put off vital work or take the first step to a cost-effective, professional repair. Asbestos roof problems won’t go away, so it makes sense to get the independent information you need to make the right decision.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can design a bespoke solution to repair your asbestos roof and weatherproof your building.


Introducing Asbestos Roof Sealant Repair System

Advantage® Asbestos Roof Repair instantly encapsulates hazardous asbestos fibres without needing a primer. An advanced 20-year system, designed to speed up the job and reduce trafficking on the roof.

Apply nearly all year round with application temperature limits of 3ºC to 60ºC, and get the repair done when you need it most.

With Advantage® Asbestos Roof Repair, you get a highly versatile asbestos roof coating system that puts the repair in your hands, allowing you to apply the system in a range of weather conditions and giving you an attractive, seamless finish, guaranteed to protect users against harmful asbestos fibres.


Industrial and Commercial Roofing Only

As industrial and commercial roofing contractors we don’t repair domestic roofs or private garage roofs. However, you or your contractor can get our exclusive coatings on our e-commerce site, www.gooforit.co.uk. or for advice, please call 0800 6120 750 or email us.

The benefits of choosing a coating repair over cladding or roof replacement include the following:

  • Save money – coatings often solve problems at lower cost

  • Peace of mind with a proven commercial roof repairer

  • Minimal business disruption

  • Long-lasting repairs go on for years

  • Avoid the condensation problems of metal roofs

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 10–25 year (labour and material) warranties





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