Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

No removal fees. No contractor fees. And no more leaks. Stop leaks instantly and don't get stung by crazy asbestos removal prices. These DIY kits can seal your roof quickly and easily, and keep it waterproof for years to come.

Get a watertight asbestos garage roof today. These kits are designed by the asbestos roof repair experts to give you instant leak stopping for holes, cracks or general porous/damaged areas. You don't need any special skills, just read the step by step photo instructions and follow basic HSE guidelines. You can have your roof sealed by tomorrow.

Repairs are simple, but it's still essential to check your roof is structurally sound and that you follow current HSE guidelines on working with asbestos. 

Asbestos crack repair kit 

It's so simple. Why replace the roof or fork out for a complicated refurbishment when it's just a few cracks letting you down? This kit contains a tough butyl rubber tape that you press down onto the crack after a simple priming. All done. 

Sounds too good to be true? It's all down to the quality of the products. These are premium solutions, so they last longer and you have the confidence of a watertight finish. Plus they're super easy to apply because all you really need to do is prepare the roof and position them on. Then just sit back and let the butyl tape and primer stop your leak for years to come.

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Asbestos crack and roof sheet repair kit

Instantly seal cracks and generally porous/delaminated areas on your asbestos roof. No need to get contractors involved and definitely no need to start dismantling and disposing of the asbestos sheets. This is a repair that's done on your timetable, and within your budget.

Imagine a liquid solution that's strengthened by professional grade matting. That's exactly what this kit does. By combining the ever popular instant leak sealant StopGap, with the highly durable Fleeceback butyl tape, you've got a repair sealant to trust in the worst of weathers. This formidable combination gives you a tough and long lasting repair that's as easy as StopGap, tape, StopGap. 

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Asbestos roof hole repair

Plug holes immediately with the simple to apply SpeedPatch. Simply clean the area, prime, and press the SpeedPatch down. It's like a plaster for your roof, except it stiffens in the sunlight to form a hard watertight seal. Get everything you need to stop leaks with this quick and easy kit.

Forget expensive contractors and asbestos disposal procedures. This is a pick up and go kit with a step by step photo guide that can stop your roof leak.

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Asbestos roof bolt repair

Don't let rusty or worn bolts destroy your whole roof. Damaged bolt heads can allow rain to relentlessly drip on your valuables, but don't get cheated by extortionate quotes to replace or refurbish your roof. You may just need the bolts sealing. And it's as simple as StopGap, butyl tape, StopGap.

Have confidence in your roof repair and still save time and money with a DIY application. Every asbestos roof repair kit we have comes with a step by step photo guide, making your repair easy. Stop leaks today with the premium solutions that create a waterproof sealant for your roof bolts. 

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