Asbestos coatings and materials

We are specialists in asbestos roof materials and coatings and offer different systems for asbestos roofing depending on your requirements.

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Asbestos Roofing

  • Hydroblock: when you want an invisible sealer – it penetrates, fuses to the masonary and leaves you with a beading water effect It is a water based and sealing product that is used as a protecting and regenerating treatment of mineral surfaces, such as tiles, roofs and facades.
  • Alltimes Liquid RubberHighly UV and weather resistant, our Alltimes Liquid Rubber is an excellent two coat system for your asbestos roof repair jobs.
  • Isonit: entry level 5-year system that is fast drying and UV-resistant. Easy to apply with good adhesion to surface. It comes with 5 year warranty and is expected to last for over 10 years. Holes and cracks need repairing during preparation stage.
  • Speed Patch: a UV-curing patch that forms to the contours of the roof sheets and can be sanded, painted and drilled when cured. Especially used for holes in roof sheets and GRP roof lights.
  • In addition to the roof coatings we also offer a very economic range of other products for DIY or projects where a long warranty is not required. In our range is a variety of repair materials such as foiled backed butyl rubber tape for repairing cracks, rubber patches for bolts and the reinforced patch repair system where there is no requirement for fixing the whole roof.

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For DIY people doing their own repairs on asbestos roofs, materials are available to buy through our Gooforit website

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