Contractor Training

Whether you want all-round knowledge, need to learn how to apply specialist products, or want to be able to offer your clients a better service, our contractor training courses provide it all.

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We have our own dedicated training facility and offer courses in small groups throughout the year. We can also provide on-site training on specific products, especially during the prime application months.

Our asbestos roof coatings tend to be easy to use as long as you follow basic rules. Much of the work is in the cleaning and preparation. We feel that this is best done on a one-to-one advisory basis and related to a particular project. We support and advise our contractors to ensure the job is done to the best specifications, so you're happy with the end result.

During the course we will cover a range of different products tailored to your needs that we think you really want to learn about. Some of the other products we train on include:

  • Liquid Rubber EPDM: waterproof even before cured it can be used in a single coat on many surfaces, such as roofs and gutters. It has the flexibility to withstand extreme temperatures and will take ponding water 365 days of the year;

  • Edge Armour: a single coat system for cut edge corrosion. Designed to be applied wet on wet and will be cured in 30 minutes. No primer required. When applied it is waterproof and UV resistant with excellent bond strength;

  • Liquid Gutter: a wet-on-wet system for lining commercial and industrial gutters fast that can be used in temperatures down to 0C. Fully cured in an hour;

  • Rapid Deck: a wet-on-wet fully reinforced system for flat roofs so you can get a whole roof done in one day even at temperatures as low as 0C. It comes with 25 year warranty.

We are here to support you and with our contractor training we want to provide you with the most relevant knowledge and experience so you know you're doing the job correctly and to ensure less chance of callbacks, mistakes and complaints. Our training courses will give you plenty of new skills to use on site and will enhance your reputation, working time and earnings. We not only offer training but also help and talk through regulations, required equipment and other information. 

We provide free lunch on the day and are renowned for the quality of our sandwiches. We can think of many reasons why you should come and join us – so don't miss out and reserve your place today. 

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